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Anda Luxury Yachts

Anda is one of Australia’s only luxury yachts available for private charter. Offering a luxurious and bespoke experience, Anda is capable of taking its guests to the unexplored destinations across Australia and internationally.

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With no fixed itinerary, your private journey aboard Anda is completely tailored to suit your desires. Be transported to hidden pockets of the world, discover untouched landscapes and explore where few before you have gone. Kimberley cruise is one such amazing private charter that Anda can take you on.

Private Expeditions
Anda Luxury Yachts in Kimberly
Inside view of the Anda Luxury Yachts

Every detail and amenity aboard Anda has been considered. With five luxurious suites, Anda can cater for up to ten guests. Additionally, a crew of ten onboard -including two executive chefs- will tend to your every need.

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